Journal Publication


2023, 打造司法獨立:台灣審判獨立機制之發展、互動與影響。《人文及社會科學集刊》,35卷二期(2023年六月)。

2022,律師與律師工作。 《政大法學評論》,特刊(2022年十二月)。 

2021, “The Legal Complex Fractured: Legal Professional Coalition and Collision in Taiwan’s Judicial Reform.” Law & Policy 43:262-284.

2020, 誰是法界廖添丁?法扶律師的量化與質性實證研究。法律扶助與社會第四期,25-56頁。(共同作者:張永健、蔣侃學)

2019, “The Currency Exchanger: Taiwanese Public Interest Lawyers in the 21st Century.” UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal, 36(1):33-63.

2018, “The Political Origins of Professional Identity: Lawyers, Judges and Prosecutors in Taiwan’s State Transformation.” Asian Journal of Law and Society. (Best Graduate Student Article Award 2018, Asian Law and Society Association)

2016, “An Inter-court Struggle for Judicial Supremacy.” University of Pennsylvania East Asia Law Review, 11: 294-335. (with Chien-chih Lin)

Book Chapter

Forthcoming, “Lawyering in Private Sector” in Handbook on Comparative Judicial Behaviour, edited by Lee Eptein et al., Oxford University Press. (with Yun-chien Chang)

Forthcoming, “Lawyer and Social Movement in Taiwan: Two Waves of Mobilization and Two Generations of Activist Lawyer.” in Handbook on Law, Movements and Social Change, edited by Steven Boutcher et al., Edward Elgar Publishing.

2022, “A Hub, a Knot, and a Power House: Legal Aid Foundation and Access to Justice in Taiwan.” in Lawyers and Access to Justice: Challenging Pro Bono, edited by Helena Whalen-Bridge, Cambridge University Press. (with Yong-Ching Tsai)

2020, “Localization and Politicization: Lawyers in Taiwan and Hong Kong 1980s-2010s.” in Lawyers in 21st-Century Society: Vol. 1, edited by Richard Abel et al., Hart Publishing

Book Review


2017, Book Review on Lost in China? Law, Culture and Identity in Post-1997 Hong Kong By Carol A.G. Jones.” Asian Journal of Law and Society, 4(1): 279-281.

Work in Progress

“Women in the Taiwanese Legal Profession: Managing Gender on Bench and in Private Practice” (Cornell Law Review: Special Issue 2024)

Pro Bono Is Pro, Low Bono is Low: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Lawyers’ Legal Aid Participation” with Yun-chien Chang and Ivan Chiang. (ready for submission)

“The Sinophone Lawyers: China’s Cross-border Impact on Legal Profession” (ready for submission)

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